Two joyful guys and Florence beneath

Location: Villa Montefiano

Wedding photographer: Stefano Denanni


The engaged couples who choose to marry in church with Stephen Denanni photographer fiesole must prepare for the celebration of marriage also participating in meetings specially arranged in different areas of the diocese. They are preferred meetings taking place in the area where the bride and groom will live; In this way they can get in touch with some spouses and with the parish community of the new residence. E ‘need to sign up to the set of selected meetings, within ten days before it starts. More and more beautiful and original location to get married in Tuscany and choose Stefano Denanni Fiesole photographer to capture the most beautiful moments: the City of Fiesole has just launched the Regulation which will allow the couple to celebrate the wedding in the incredible setting of ‘ archeological area.
A unique opportunity that will allow the Municipality to exploit and also derive an economic benefit from the most famous and popular historical and artistic attraction of the area. Fiesole even so will offer a unique opportunity to say yes immersed in the beauty and history, which are the main features of our territory. I would like also to stress that marriages not in the least likely to eat the visits and the opening of the museum nor the Fiesole summer always accompanied by pictures of Stefano Denanni photographer Fiesole.

Stefano and Martina – photographer fiesole