Wedding Photographer: Stefano Denanni

Location: Altarocca Wine Resort

Wedding Planner: Italy Prestige

A Norwegian wedding in the heart of the Italian countryside between vineyards, sunny fields and stunning landscapes.

wedding photographer reportage orvieto

Few towns can match the beauty of Orvieto, towering above the almost-vertical faces of tuff cliffs that are completed by defensive walls built of the same stone. Though the town is full of historic buildings, none can equal its superb Gothic cathedral, begun in 1290, and the medieval square it faces. The church is striped in white travertine and green-black basalt in narrow bands, the façade is particularly striking and inside the church is frescoed with Signorelli’s masterpiece “Last Judgment”. Orvieto is also home to Etruscan ruins and the remnants of a wall that enclosed the city more than 2000 years ago. At the foot of the butte, the Etruscan necropolis counts a hundred chamber tombs laid along a rectangular street grid. At the heart of the Medieval quarter, there is an underground passage with tunnels, galleries, wells, stairs, quarries, cellars, unexpected passageways, cisterns, superimposed rooms with numerous small square niches, detailing its creation over the centuries. The landscape is stunning and the architecture within is nothing short of a collection of masterpieces