Grand Hotel Europa Palace, Chiostro di San Francesco,

Photos by Marco Miglianti & Stefano Denanni for Miglianti Studio

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wedding photographer sorrento. Sorrento in recent years has gained a reputation as being a place to avoid – a package holiday centre with few must see sights, no beach to speak of and numerous Irish and English pubs which have taken the place of Italian cafes.In reality however, Sorrento is still a romantic destination and strangely appealing despite the changes the city has seen in recent years and it makes a great base for day trips.For good reason, Sorrento has been considered one of the most romantic and famous tourist attractions in Italy and has been a polular vacation resort since 600 AD when Roman nobles and gentry made there way here. Many famous Europeans throughout history have built villas here, a few of which have survived. The rich and famous from Europe and beyond have come to Sorrento for the same reason so many people still come today; to seek the serene brilliance of its landscape, the flowering of its gardens and the mildness of its air. Among the visitors who came to enjoy the serenity of Sorrento, were artists such as: Goethe, Byron, F. Cooper, Walter Scott, Vittorio Alfieri, Giacomo Leopardi, Alexander Dumas, Ernest Renan, Henrik Ibsen, who wrote Ghosts in 1881. Also here were Giuseppe Verdi, and Longfellow in 1862, Samuel Smiles in 1888, Oscar Wilde, Nietzsche wrote Human, too Human at Sorrento in 1876, and it was here that he had his famous dispute with Wagner.

Richard & Francesca – Wedding Photographer Sorrento