A beautiful wedding in Garfagnana

Venue: Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort and spa

Wedding photographer: Stefano Denanni for Miglianti Studio

Wedding Planner: Infinity Weddings & Events


For an oustanting wedding ceremony in Lucca with a professional destination wedding tuscany Two thousand years of Lucca history can be visited every day, strolling through the streets and squares of the city. A wealth of treasures are conserved in the numerous collections of Lucca and its territory. There are the National Museums, that bring together the major works and the art and craft artefacts of our past, and then there are the local collections, both large and small, which sometimes conceal unexpected gems. Special didactic activities and further information are available for both children and adults. The marble mountains of the Apuans, the wooded slopes of the Apennines, the fish-laden banks of the Serchio and its numerous tributaries, a little canyon, the hot thermal springs, the small lakes lying in the valley bottoms, the marshy areas where the migratory birds gather, the underground grottoes, the exuberant Spring flowerings, the luxuriant gardens of the Renaissance villas. The Lucca territory offers an infinite variety of landscapes and visit opportunities, for individual adventure-lovers and for groups both large and small who can also appreciate the gastronomic declinations of the natural beauties! Since few weeks the website was enriched by new RESOURCES section, where you can find all those productions dedicated to the Gothic Line that fall outside the Bibliography section, then video, audio, websites and much more that is available online.
There are currently 108 “resources” in the database, which, as it happens for the Bibliography section is constantly updated. The criteria and the fast search engine are the same as the Bibliography section, that is, typing the “key words” in one or more of the four research fields: author, title, year, tags. The latter field also includes, in addition to the tags of content, the ability to search on a provincial and / or regional products

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