A yellow wedding in Siena

Venue: Hotel Il Piccolo Castello Monteriggioni

Wedding photographer: Stefano Denanni


For an oustanting wedding ceremony in Siena with a professional photographer siena. The Cathedral of Sienna is said to occupy the site of a temple of Minerva. The present building was begun in the early 13 C and the cupola was finished in 1464. But in 1339, it was decided to so enlarge the cathedral that the area then occupied by the nave should form the transepts of the new building. In fact the construction of the longitudinal nave, now in part incorporated in the Opera del Duomo, was actually commenced. Though the plague of 1348 compelled the citizens to abandon this plan, they determined to complete the original design in a worthy manner. As it stands, the building is about 292 ft. long and 80 ft. wide — 168 ft. in the transepts. The facade is decorated with bands of red, white and black marble, tricuspidal, and richly adorned with sculptures (restored in 1869) and with mosaics (renewed in 1878). In the interior, the pavement is of admirable marble mosaic — the work of masters of the fifteenth century, which has been for the most part renewed. The pulpit, entirely in relief, is the work of Nicolo Pisano and his pupils. The high altar is by Petruzzi, the bronze tabernacle by Vecchietta, and the carvings of the choir by the brothers Barili. The chapel of San Giovanni contains a statue of the saint by Donatello, together with statues by other sculptors and frescoes by Pinturicchio. Scattered through the interior of the cathedral are statues of Sienese popes and the tombs of the bishops of Sienna. The photographer siena possesses ancient choir-books and other manuscripts, and is adorned throughout with frescoes by Pinturicchio representing scenes from the life of Pius II — the gift of Pius III. In the centre of the library is the celebrated group of the Three Graces, presented by Pius II. The remains of the exterior sculptures and of the pavement of the cathedral, as well as paintings and sacred tapestries, are preserved in the Opera del Duomo.

Luciano & Elisa – Photographer Siena